Evolution of 360


Amount of money lost by top athletes in the world for sitting on sideline due to injuries is in multi million dollars . It has been widely reported that over $700,000,000 was spent on salaries for injured athletes in MLB in 2015, over $450,000,000 in the NFL, $350,000,000 in the NBA and $300,000,000 in the English Premier League
Most research to date has investigated correlation between athlete performance to (1) number of injuries that occur (2) number of days lost due to injuries and/or (3) overall athlete availability
We also know that certain injuries are preventable and that there are numerous modifiable risk factors,this gives rise to the importance of appropriate management and the use of analytics not just to show the problem but to solve it.
We realize there is a clear void for a service that keeps track of all fitness data with rigorous analysis and provides you with a specific and personal regiment – should you have a deficit. That’s when the idea of FITZONE 360 was born.


Let us be a part of fitness journey whether you are athlete or not. We will give you a very detail analysis from 360 degrees of your fitness, from BMI to vision, From balance to functional Movement pattern, From Cardiovascular Health to Quickness. Results from this analysis are used to identify areas of imbalances and weakness and to develop individualized protocols to maximize the performance, prevent future injuries and if you are an athlete then faster return to play.
This provide a competitive edge over other athletes/ teams. We work with athletes of all levels and age groups, as well as their coaches, trainers and scouts who wish to identify the best athletes or build a better team.
Considering biomechanical individuality, tailoring an individual plan is vital to the success of an athlete. Plenty of misinformation and widely practiced one size fits all approach in the field of sports makes consultation with Fitzone 360 a must!!!! We provide a competitive edge over other athletes/ teams. Our program is helpful for the coaches to build a better team.
Our tests are scientifically researched and Shielded with technology in most easy to understand and useful way. Our assessment is loaded not only with regular fitness testing but also sports specific if you are an athlete, so you can concentrate on your goal. We will provide you everything else about your fitness to create a better you!!!
We are not claiming to protect you from all the injuries, instead our aim is to create best Avatar of you to reduce the risk of injuries and make you achieve the fitness level required in the sports you want to be a part of.
Our mission is rooted in the philosophy that every athlete regardless of age, body type, gender, deserves to perform at their personal best.


We assess your and your teams sports specific fitness, strength, mobility, cardiovascular capacity.
We provide you with 1. Data Report 2. Risk Profile 3. Fitness Level 4. Solution
We save your data
we re assess after specific time and give your comparison data
Depending on progress, We can either continue Or modify the program
Create best version of you !!!!!